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"KSB Capital Group extends our thanks and appreciations to the SKCTI Science and Knowledge Consultancy and Training Institute, represented by Dr. Saleh Bin Ali Sonbul - Executive Chairman of the Institute, for the Advanced Management Training and Development of Human Resources for the KSB Capital Group.

"SKCTI is a good
organization well-demonstrated in the delivery of the course program in Exam-Preparation leading to the global certificate in Capital Market Exam Level 1 (CME-1) for employees of the Group.

"As we would like to thank the instructors and mentors of this course for their professionalism with greatest impact on the success of the program and achieving the best results from it.

"We wish everyone at SKCTI continued success.

"We look forward to future transactions within the framework of a common belief that the knowledge-information is the biggest investment.
Motassim Mohd Omer
KSB Capital Group  
Director of Training and
Human Resource Development 


Home Announcements SKCTI Brings HRDF Saudization Training Program to Huawei Tech
SKCTI Brings HRDF Saudization Training Program to Huawei Tech PDF Print E-mail
Written by SKCTI Information Center   



HRDF Saudization Training Program: (1) SAS Group Chairman and SKCTI Founder and
President Dr. Saleh A. Sonbul, PhD during his visit to the Human Resources (HR) Department
of the Huawei Tech  Investment Saudi Arabia  Co., Ltd for the latest updates on the implementation
of the HRDF Nationalization (Saudization )Training Program being undertaken by SKCTI
as one of the HRDF-authorized training providers. 
Also in the picture are: (2) SKCTI GM Fareed Omar Al-Sonbul,  (3) Huawei HR Director Mr Xiao Shiwei 
and (4) Huawei  Deputy HR Director Sherif Abdelraouf Ibrahim  and the other heads
of the HRDF program from  both sides.


SAS Group Chairman and Science and Knowledge Consultancy and Training Institute (SKCTI) Founder and President Dr. Saleh  A. Sonbul, PhD, together with his team, paid a courtesy visit to the Human Resources (HR) Department of the Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, Ltd (Huawei) and was welcomed by the Huawei HR Director Xiao Shiwei as part of the implementation of the Saudization training-with-employment program of the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).  Twenty (20) new Saudi national recruits of the Huawei will be trained by the SKCTI in the different HRDF-approved training programs namely:  Project Management, Administrative Assistant, Secretarial and Office Administration, Accounts Registrar, Front Desk Reception, Showroom Salesman, and Executive Secretarial amongst others - all under the supervision of the Technical Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) of the General Directorate for Private Training.

This is in line with the HRDF programs on Saudization of jobs and the preparation of Saudi youth in order to assume their responsibilities and participate in the growth and development of the national economy. Through proper partnership with HRDF-approved training institutes like SKCTI, private companies like Huawei are encouraged and assisted so that they can hire local Saudis and make their capabilities and services available to them.

Huawei HR Director Mr  Xiao reiterated Huawei’s commitment and desire to continuously hire and train Saudi nationals through partnering with quality training institutes like the SKCTI to train and produce its future Saudi employees who have the qualities to strictly adhere to the HR rules and policies of Huawei plus their dedication to work as that is what their company stands for.

Dr.  Saleh, being also the President of the SKCTI, the training subsidiary of the SAS Group, is confident that there will be a 100% deliveries in terms of quantity and quality of graduates under the HRDF program as long as the current Huawei and SKCTI strong collaboration continues while aiming towards the success of the program.

Main attendees to the meeting were SAS Group Chairman Dr Saleh A Sonbul, SKCTI General Manager Fareed Omar Al-Sonbul together with the core members of the SKCTI training group. While the host company Huawei was represented by its HR Director Xiao Shiwei and Deputy HR Director Sherif Abdelraouf  Ibrahim together with its HRD team Mikhail Arisola, Ibrahim Nasser Al Dhafyan, and Hassan Hibeishi.

Last Nov 4, 2011, SKCTI and Huawei have signed an agreement to cooperate in implementing the HRDF Saudization training program and since then have been mutually engaged in the selection of twenty (20) unemployed Saudi youths approved by HRDF to be hired by Huawei and trained by SKCTI under this program. Training programs can have durations of up to eleven (11) months.

…   Press Released thru SKCTI info  (06Dec2011 @ Huawei HQ - Riyadh)
     (Photo Courtesy of: Mr M. Nasir Nawaz, SKCTI  SE and Training Operations Coordinator)


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